How to Choose A Perfect Radiator

10 Oct

Knowing how to choose a radiator and making a great choice begins by having an idea of what you want from a radiator. There are different types of radiations and you need to know all of them before making your final decision on buying a radiator. Dual fuel is a type of radiator that combines both  the central heating and electric radiator it has a summer heating element that is inserted in it which gives you the option of heating the radiator using the electric even if your central heating is off. Single or double panel radiators ;a single panel are flat and are fixed quite against the wall and give radiant heat only while double panel radiators are the most powerful  in that, they give a lot of heat but takes  a lot of space up protruding off the wall up to 5 inches. To know more, check out

Compact radiators are other types of radiators that are slight variations to standard radiators which tend to look a bit more modern and they have grilles on the top and end panels hide the convectors inside the radiator. Heated towel rails and ladder rails are radiators that are made primarily for heating towels to make them warm and fluffy and also drying them but heating rooms is just their secondary functions.

The measure of heat output (BTU) and how much you need is another thing that you should know in details. The higher the BTU the hotter the radiator gets so when buying the radiator use a BTU calculator to figure out how much BTU you need  as it is the accurate measure to know how much BTU you  will be needing. The size of a radiator is another thing that you need to figure out and this goes hand in hand with the material of the radiator as they all affect the BTU output. Bigger radiators do put out more BTU but when thinking about the size of the radiator that you may want do not forget about the depth since there are those radiators like double panel which has plenty of depth. Know more about this radiator guards.

Radiators do have different materials like  mild steel which is very common and low cost, stainless steel which does not rust and stays warm for long after you have turned off the heating though not all stainless steel are created equally just make sure you buy from a good manufacturer if you want to buy the stainless steel one. Aluminium is a superconductor and it is the best material for radiators since the moment you turn it on immediately starts to heat your home it also cools immediately so achieving the perfect temperature is easy. Aluminium is lightweight and easy to install. Before buying radiator, know how much it costs and if it is convenient with your budget. Find a professional plumber who will help you install the radiator without any disappointments as any mistake may cause a lot of damage to your home not forgetting the cost that you will use to fix the damages so just go a well certified plumber.

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